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Criteria Corp is a global talent success company that helps organizations make more objective, evidence-based talent decisions that both reduce bias and drive outcomes. It was founded in 2006 and quickly became one of the leading pre-employment test publishing companies.

What is a Criteria Corp Assessment?

The Criteria Corp Assessment or Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a cognitive ability test designed by US-based assessment company Criteria. Criteria were founded in 2006 and aimed to provide employers with a way to make objective, evidence-based hiring decisions ensuring they recruit the best talent from their application pool.

The CCAT test evaluates candidates on their critical reasoning and ability to problem solve and analyze numerical, verbal, and abstract information.

The test is a timed assessment comprising 50 questions that must be answered in 15 minutes. Once the test has been completed, results are generated and sent directly to employers enabling them to make recruiting decisions based on an individual's performance on the test.

The Structure Of Criteria Corp Assessments

CCAT test is a timed psychometric ability test that evaluates an individual's aptitude in areas employers deem essential for a role's success. The CCAT test offered by Criteria provides a comprehensive all-around assessment of an individual's problem-solving and ability to learn new information through a series of verbal, logical, numerical, and spatial reasoning questions.

While the focus of the 50 questions in the test is different in that one question assesses one specific ability, the structure of each question is the same. All questions are given with multiple choice answers, with candidates selecting which one of the answers is correct.

As the CCAT test is a timed assessment, practicing before sitting the test is essential to ensure you complete the tests to the best of your ability. Learning how to manage your time and deal with time pressure means that when faced with the CCAT tests, you approach the tests in a positive frame of mind.

Criteria Corp Verbal Reasoning Test

The CCAT verbal reasoning questions assess an individual's ability to understand the meaning of written words. Questions focus on an individual's understanding of vocabulary to determine whether they can use the correct words in context.

Question types evaluate whether individuals can understand analogies, recognize synonyms, and spot grammatical errors. The results from the test enable employers to know whether an individual can communicate effectively with others in their team or clients, using appropriate language, phrases, and expressions.

Criteria Corp Logical Reasoning Test

The CCAT logical reasoning questions assess individuals' ability to come to logical conclusions based only on the given information. There are around four logical reasoning questions in the test, with questions divided into different types: arrangement questions and syllogism questions.

Syllogism questions are given as short statements, with candidates selecting whether the statement that follows is false, accurate, or they can not say.

Arrangement questions require candidates to determine the link or rule between pieces of information and then order or sequence pieces of information based on the governing rule.

Criteria Corp Numerical Reasoning Test

The Criteria Corp numerical reasoning test evaluates an individual's ability to solve numerical problems using basic algebra. To solve these problems, candidates need to use their understanding of basic math principles such as ratios or number series.

Questions are similar in format to the logical reasoning test in that they are given short statements. Candidates must select which of the multiple choice answers they believe to be correct. There are approximately 18 numerical reasoning questions in the test. Calculators are not permitted; solutions to the questions can be determined using mental arithmetic.

Criteria Corp Spatial Reasoning Test

The spatial reasoning questions in the CCAT test assess a candidate's ability to solve problems using abstract information.

Questions are presented in the form of shapes. Candidates need to mentally manipulate the shapes to identify which shape is the odd one out in a shape series. Or identify patterns between shapes and select which of the shapes are given as part of the shape series. To determine the correct answers, candidates need to mentally transform the shapes in their heads by rotating or flipping the images to select the correct answer from the list given.

Tips To Pass Criteria Corp Tests


Practicing sample questions is key to doing well in the CCAT test. Practicing enables you to become familiar with how each ability test question and answer is structured. When practicing, ensure you do so under timed conditions, so you experience the time pressure you will feel in the test.

Pay attention to the instructions provided

Before starting the test, ensure you are clear on what you have to do. As you progress through the test, ensure you read each question carefully and understand what the question is asking and how to answer the question. Paying attention to the instructions ensures you don't misinterpret the questions.

Manage your time

The CCAT test is a timed test lasting 15 minutes. While many individuals who sit the test do not complete the full 50 questions, you must manage your time effectively to answer as many questions as possible in the allotted time. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score will be.

Sharpen your abilities

To allow your innate ability to shine through, spend time mastering your abilities. Calculators are not permitted in the CCAT test, so spend time practicing mental arithmetic. Do puzzles to hone your logical reasoning and spatial reasoning abilities. Honing your abilities in the areas you are assessed on will help you perform to the best of your ability in the test.

Keep calm

Don't be discouraged if one part of the test hasn't gone well. Focus on the remainder of the test. Use strategies to keep you calm and ensure you read the questions carefully. Stay in a positive frame of mind and stay confident.

Sample Criteria Corp Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Which of the following is a logically equivalent statement to 'If it is raining, then the ground is wet.'?

  • If the ground is not wet, then it is not raining.
  • The ground is wet, so it is raining.
  • It is not raining, so the ground is not wet.
  • The ground is not wet, so it is raining.

An argument is presented that a new technology will reduce manufacturing costs by 20%. A valid concern against this argument might be that:

  • the reduced costs will lead to lower quality products.
  • employees will become too reliant on technology.
  • competition will also adopt new technologies.
  • the development of technology is a natural progression.

A report states, 'The number of visitors to the national park has increased by 50% over the past year.' To accurately understand the increase, you would need to know the number of visitors from:

  • the previous year only.
  • the past three years.
  • the current year only.
  • the inaugural year of the park.

If sales tax is 7% and you paid $75.60 for a new blazer including tax, what was the original price before tax?

  • $70.65
  • $71.00
  • $68.50
  • $75.00

Which of the following conclusions can logically be drawn from the statements: 'All managers are employees. Some directors are managers.'?

  • Some directors are employees.
  • All directors are managers.
  • No directors are employees.
  • Some employees are directors.

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Criteria Corp Tests Tips

Know What's Coming

Familiarity with the types of questions you'll encounter can greatly boost your confidence. On Psychometric Tests, we replicate the style and scope of Criteria Corp’s assessments so that you won’t be caught off guard. By practicing with us, you’ll understand what to expect which can help you to manage your time and stress levels during the actual test.

Understand the Why

Cracking a test isn’t just about knowing the right answers; it’s understanding why you’re being asked these questions. Criteria Corp designs tests to evaluate specific qualities. When you practice with Psychometric Tests, we'll help you get into the mindset of what each test evaluates so you can showcase your strengths effectively to potential employers.

Attention to Detail

These tests often assess analytical skills which include an eye for detail. With Psychometric Tests, you can practice honing your observational skills in a simulated test environment. This means on the big day, you'll be more proficient at spotting the small details that can be the difference between a good and a great score.

Time Management is Key

Speed and accuracy are both important in pre-employment testing. On Psychometric Tests, our practice exams are designed to mimic the pacing of Criteria Corp’s assessments. The more you practice, the better you'll get at budgeting your time effectively without sacrificing the quality of your answers.

Stay Calm and Focused

During the actual test, nervousness can hinder your performance. One of the perks of using Psychometric Tests is that it offers a stress-free environment to build your testing tenacity. By repeatedly practicing in a calm setting, you train your brain to remain composed and clear-headed during the real thing.

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Criteria Corp Tests FAQs

Why do employers use Criteria Corp assessments?

Criteria Corp assessments enable employers to assess whether individuals have the ability to problem solve, learn new information, and adapt to different situations. The tests are an objective measure of an individual's ability and indicate whether they are likely to be successful in the role they are applying for.

How can I get a good score on a Criteria Corp test?

To ensure you perform to the best of your ability, you must practice sample tests. When practicing, simulate test conditions. Take tests under timed conditions in a quiet environment. This puts you under the time pressure you will feel in the actual test, so you learn how you react under this pressure.

Are Criteria Corp assessments accurate?

These assessments objectively assess an individual's numerical, logical, verbal, and spatial reasoning abilities. Practice the tests so you can demonstrate an accurate assessment of your abilities in these areas. This means you are familiar with the format, style, and level of difficulty of questions and can perform at your best in the actual test.

Which Is Harder: Criteria Corp Or Cappfinity Tests?

Both the Criteria Corp and Cappfinity tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's abilities. When completing either test, it is essential to focus on the test itself and complete the questions in the test to the best of your ability. Ensure you practice the tests, follow instructions, remain calm, and keep a positive mind.


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