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What Is A Thomas International Assessment?

Thomas International is an aptitude test publisher that works in 60 countries and has partnered with over 11,000 companies, including Siemens, JP Morgan, Frank Knight, and universities. The assessments cover a range of aptitudes such as verbal and numerical reasoning, personality tests, and behavioural profiling.

Each assessment is based on decades of research by experts in the field and certified by the British Psychological Society. Thomas International aims to make recruitment faster and more accurate by capturing more information about candidates and employees in less time. This makes it a very popular test publisher to use as the assessments are less resource-intensive and can be used to screen high volumes of candidates, as well as provide insights for employee development.

Thomas International Assessments

Thomas International provides a range of assessments, which are designed to give a fully rounded view of each candidate. The tests cover four categories: aptitude, behaviour, emotional intelligence, and personality.

Thomas International GIA Test

The General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is Thomas International's aptitude test. Developed for 15 years, it is designed to test your fluid intelligence and procedural cognitive abilities. This means that it looks at how well you process information, how quickly you work through problems, and your logical thinking skills.

The GIA consists of 5 assessments:

  • Word Meaning - A comprehension and vocabulary test. You will have to identify the meanings of words, and parts of speech, and differentiate between words that have similar meanings to show your level of English language ability.
  • Perceptual Speed - This is similar to an error-checking test. You are assessed on how quickly and accurately you can identify inaccuracies in written, diagrammatic, and numerical data.
  • Speed and Accuracy - This is a basic numerical reasoning test. It measures your comfort in working with numerical data and simple mathematical concepts.
  • Spatial Visualisation - Here you are assessed on how well you can visualise and manipulate mental images. This is related to diagrammatic reasoning, where you have to continue a sequence of images and so must be able to rotate, flip, and mirror images to do so.
  • Reasoning - This is very similar to a verbal reasoning test, where you are given a passage of text to read and ask to draw logical conclusions from the information given.

The test takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. You are scored on both speed and accuracy, and your score is measured against the other candidates' results.

Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) Test

Thomas' Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a personality test that employers use to evaluate candidates' values, motivators, and fears. PPA test has 24 questions and takes just 8 minutes to complete.

The test works on the DISC Theory, which posits there are four main behavioural tendencies: dominate, influence, steadiness, and compliance. You will be asked to rate statements on whether they are 'least like' or 'most like' you, giving a response pattern that shows your strengths, limitations, how you behave under pressure, and communication style.

Thomas International TEIQue Test

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire is designed to understand employee and candidate's emotional traits. This includes things like empathy, understanding emotions, stress management, and conflict resolution. It can be used for several things such as recruitment, appraisals, team building, and life coaching.

It is a self-report questionnaire rather than a test, so there are no right or wrong answers and you cannot fail. There are 153 statements, which you must rate on a 1-7 Likert scale from 'completely disagree' to 'completely agree'. It takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Thomas International HPTI Test

The High Potential Trait Indicator is another Thomas personality test that focuses on suitability for a specific workplace or position. It measures six traits, which show in more detail how you respond to certain work situations.

  • Adjustment - How well you adapt to change and cope with stressful situations.
  • Curiosity - This shows your innovation and willingness to explore new ways of thinking.
  • Risk Approach - Measures your approach and comfort with risk-taking.
  • Conscientiousness - This is your self-discipline and awareness of yourself as a team member, which is a good trait in a leader.
  • Ambiguity Acceptance - Shows how you cope with unknown factors and not needing to have the entire picture mapped out.
  • Competitiveness - How driven you are to push for success and higher achievements.

This test is 10 minutes long and has 78 items on it. You will have to rate them on a 1-7 Likert scale from 'disagree completely' to 'agree completely'.

Tips To Pass Thomas International Tests

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The more practice you can do, the better you will perform on the day. Make sure that you know which test you are taking so that you can prepare accordingly. We have loads of practice tests, covering everything you'll need for your Thomas assessment.

2. Balance Speed With Accuracy

The GIA is tested on both speed and accuracy, meaning that how quickly you answer is also taken into consideration. Practicing under timed conditions will help immensely with how well you can perform under the pressure. However, remember to always read the questions and take enough time to process the information so you can answer correctly as well.

3. Answer All Questions

To maximise your potential score, you should always aim to answer every single question. This is also important on the personality tests as not answering the questions can mean that your questionnaire lacks vital information needed to fully assess your application.

4. Understand The Format

Since the tests are uniquely developed by Thomas International, the format of the tests will be slightly different from other aptitude tests you may have already taken. Again, make sure that you know which tests you are taking and do some research on them. Thomas provides a breakdown of their assessments and sample reports.

Sample Thomas International Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Company X's revenue over the last four quarters were $1.5 million, $1.8 million, $2 million, and $2.2 million, respectively. If these represent a steady growth rate, what is the closest estimate for the next quarter's revenue?

  • $2.4 million.
  • $2.5 million.
  • $2.6 million.
  • $3 million.

Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the statement: All roses are flowers. Some flowers fade quickly.

  • All roses fade quickly.
  • Some roses are not flowers.
  • Some roses may fade quickly.
  • No roses are flowers.

If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true? 'No birds are dogs. Some dogs are canines. Some birds are canines.'

  • Yes, it is true.
  • No, it is not true.
  • Uncertain from the given statements.
  • The relationship between birds and canines cannot be determined.

What is the result when a lever, which is in equilibrium, has the distance from the fulcrum to the weight halved while the magnitude of the weight is doubled?

  • The lever remains in equilibrium.
  • The lever tilts towards the weight.
  • The lever tilts away from the weight.
  • It is impossible to determine the new state of equilibrium.

A circuit contains a battery, a resistor of 4 ohms, and an inductor. If the current through the resistor is 3 amperes, what is the voltage of the battery?

  • 12 volts
  • 7 volts
  • 4 volts
  • 3 volts

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Thomas International Tests Tips

Familiarize Yourself with the Formats

Before you dive into the actual content, get to know the types of tests you'll encounter with Thomas International. These assessments can vary, and being comfortable with the format can make all the difference. At Psychometric Tests, we've got a variety of practice assessments to help you feel right at home with any style they throw at you.

Understand the Question Types

Thomas International's tests aren't just about what you know, but how you think. Spend time learning the common types of questions so there are no surprises on test day. On Psychometric Tests, we provide examples that mimic the real deal, so you can build a strategy for each question type.

Time Management

Many of Thomas International's assessments are timed, making it crucial to keep an eye on the clock. Our practice tests at Psychometric Tests include similar time constraints so you can pace yourself and improve your speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Stay Calm and Confident

Test anxiety can be a real performance killer. Using Psychometric Tests to practice will help build your confidence. Remember, these assessments are just one step in the hiring process, so take a deep breath, stay positive, and show them your best.

Review and Reflect

After each practice test on Psychometric Tests, take the time to review your answers. Understanding why you got a question right—or wrong—is essential for improvement. Reflect on your decision-making process and adjust your approach as needed for your next attempt.

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Thomas International Tests FAQs

What Is Personal Profile Analysis?

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a behavioural profile, which provides a deeper insight into someone's character and can be used to understand and predict behaviour and responses to certain situations. It allows employers to more accurately identify people who are better suited to specific roles and surroundings, so candidates with the most potential for success are taken on board.

Are Thomas International Tests Timed?

Yes. The longest is between 30-45 minutes, while others are only 8-12 minutes.

How Are Thomas International Tests Scored?

Depending on which test you take, you 'score' in different ways. For example, the GIA is scored on accuracy and speed, so there are correct answers that you must give to score positively. However, the PPA and HPTI do not have correct/incorrect answers, instead, your response pattern is compared to other candidates and expectations that the recruiters have.

Are The Thomas International Tests Reliable?

The Thomas International tests are all thoroughly researched and have high proven validity for several aspects including predicting job compatibility. All of the tests are registered through the British Psychological Society and are audited to meet the criteria of the International Test Commission.


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