Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests examine your ability to quickly read, understand and pull out key information from dense passages of text.

  • What are verbal reasoning tests?

    Verbal reasoning tests are used by employers to assess candidates' reading and communication skills. If you are about to take one of these tests, you can expect to read through long passages of text on a variety of different subjects before answering questions related to the content.

    Being able to read and extract important information from dense pieces of writing is a crucial skill - and one that’ll serve you well in the public sector.

    You won’t need any prior knowledge of the subjects you’re reading about because verbal reasoning tests analyse your ability to process the information in front of you.

  • Why do employers use verbal reasoning tests?

    There are many jobs within the public sector that require excellent communication skills - because reading and extracting important information is something you’ll do every day.

    As a result, public sector employers often use verbal reasoning tests as part of the hiring process. They’ll be looking for candidates who are able to answer questions efficiently and accurately, and show examples of differentiating between fact and fiction.

    The best way you can prepare yourself for the test is to practice verbal reasoning tests beforehand - and as many as you can.

  • What is the verbal reasoning test format?

    Most tests contain multiples passage of long-form text, and require candidates to answer multiple-choice questions on the text.

    More often than not, the form these answers take are a choice between, ‘true’, ‘false’, or ‘cannot say.’ Multiple choice may sound easy, but learning to differentiate between solid facts and suggested ideas is a skill that takes practice to hone.

    However, the good news is that reading up on the subjects you’ll encounter on the test isn’t necessary - all the answers will be right there in front of you!

  • What skills does verbal reasoning test?

    Your reading and processing skills will be put to the test. Employers are looking to find people who can read through dense blocks of text under considerable time pressure, while extracting the information needed to correctly interpret each question’s meaning.

    A successful verbal reasoning candidate will show that they can take instruction, remain calm under pressure and demonstrate solid communication skills.

Sample Verbal Reasoning Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

What conclusion can be drawn from the passage?

Despite economic downturns, the luxury goods sector has maintained steady growth. Analysts suggest that this phenomenon, often called 'the lipstick effect', illustrates that consumers continue to indulge in high-end products during times of financial hardship, possibly to maintain a semblance of their former lifestyle.

  • The 'lipstick effect' refers to a decline in the sale of beauty products.
  • During economic downturns, people cease to purchase luxury goods entirely.
  • Consumers might buy luxury goods to preserve feelings associated with financial security.
  • Luxury goods are only popular during times of economic prosperity.
  • Financial analysts predict the luxury goods sector will collapse soon.

What can be inferred about the company's new policy from the passage?

The company has implemented a new policy that aims to improve workplace efficiency. By allowing employees more flexibility in choosing their start times, the company hopes to reduce rush-hour traffic congestion and enhance the overall work-life balance for staff members. The new policy is in response to previous feedback indicating that rigid scheduling was contributing to heightened stress levels among the workforce.

  • The policy will eliminate all work-related stress.
  • Employees will be allowed to work from home.
  • The company is addressing transportation issues to improve efficiency.
  • Rigid scheduling was popular among the employees.
  • All employees must start their shift at the same time.

Based on the passage, which of the following would the author likely agree with?

The advent of social media has significantly altered the way individuals consume news. Traditional newspapers have seen a decline in readership as more people turn to their smartphones and social media applications for up-to-date information. Some experts argue that this shift has led to the spread of misinformation due to the lack of regulatory oversight on digital platforms.

  • Social media platforms are more trustworthy than traditional newspapers.
  • Digital platforms should not be used for news consumption.
  • Traditional media has not been affected by the rise of social media.
  • There is a concern about the accuracy of news on social media.
  • Smartphones have had no impact on news consumption habits.

According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

As a measure to combat climate change, the government has recently instated a substantial tax on carbon emissions. This legislation has polarized public opinion; some commend it for incentivizing green practices among industries, while others criticize it for potentially escalating production costs and consumer prices.

  • The carbon tax is universally embraced by the public.
  • The tax is designed to make carbon emissions more expensive.
  • Industry production costs will definitely decrease due to the tax.
  • The tax has reduced carbon emissions to zero.
  • There is no incentive for industries to adopt green practices.

Which of the following can be deduced from the passage?

The Techtonic Corporation has just announced a breakthrough in battery technology that allows smartphones to be charged within minutes. This development promises to revolutionize the mobile industry and addresses the longstanding complaint regarding the slow charging times of existing devices.

  • Smartphones have never been criticized for battery-related issues.
  • Techtonic Corporation specializes only in software advancements.
  • The current battery technology charges devices very rapidly.
  • The new technology is likely to impact the mobile industry positively.
  • The battery breakthrough will lengthen the charging time.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests Tips

Understand the Question Types

Getting to grips with the format of verbal reasoning questions can give you a serious advantage. With Psychometric Tests, you'll familiarize yourself with the common 'True, False, Cannot Say' format, which will help you navigate through questions more swiftly and confidently on the actual exam day.

Hone Your Comprehension Skills

Our verbal reasoning tests are designed to challenge and improve your understanding and comprehension of written material. Be sure to practice actively reading for key details and making logical deductions, which will be invaluable when you face a real test scenario.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Time management is crucial. While practicing with Psychometric Tests, try to simulate test conditions by giving yourself a time limit. This will condition you to work at a pace that allows you to answer all questions within the given timeframe during the actual test.

Practice Regularly

Consistency is key! The more you practice with our verbal reasoning tests, the better you'll become at quickly parsing through text and understanding the underlying questions. Daily practice, even in short bursts, can greatly improve your test performance.

Stay Calm and Focused

Test-taking anxiety is real, but with Psychometric Tests, you can build the confidence needed to stay calm under pressure. Use our practice exams to develop a mindset that helps you remain focused and unperturbed by the exam setting.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are verbal reasoning tests scored?

Your individual result will be compared to the results of everyone who took the test. It’s then up to the employer to determine which candidate(s) to take forwards to the next stage.

What are verbal reasoning tests used for?

In the public sector, verbal reasoning tests are used to establish how strong your communication skills are.

What do verbal reasoning tests involve?

The verbal reasoning test involves reading long pieces of writing in order to answer a series of questions. You’ll normally select a multiple choice answer such as, ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say.’

What do verbal reasoning tests measure?

As well as your language skills, verbal reasoning tests also measure how good you are at reading and processing information against the clock.

Where can I practice verbal reasoning tests?

You can practice verbal reasoning tests on our website. Here you’ll also find tips on how to make the process as easy as possible.

Which employers use verbal reasoning tests?

Employers from all different industries use verbal reasoning tests to filter out applicants with strong communication skills. You’ll often see these tests used in the hiring process for public sector jobs, because such skills are tested on a daily basis.


What our customers say about our Verbal Reasoning Tests

  • Rwanda

    April 11, 2023

    Always think twice and analyze questions

    I liked the verbal reasoning questions because it challenges your mind to think.

  • Nigeria

    June 12, 2023

    Good and worth it

    I liked that it made me adjust my thinking and required fast responses when having to read the different passages in the shortest possible time.

  • Botswana

    November 03, 2023

    A good test of deducing correct meaning

    Tricky questions, need you to pay attention to the stem and what the passage is saying rather than what you think you know.

  • Kenya

    November 03, 2023


    Being the first time I have taken this kind of test, it felt like i was on a mad rush to finish. Very good way to practice.

  • Kenya

    November 03, 2023


    The test highlights and gives a clear picture on how to deal with customers. That is both on a call and physical. It gives a clear picture of the best approach on dealing with customers and even concerns. On the other hand it clears on how to attract customers.

  • India

    November 03, 2023


    Before start of test , there should be instruction that how the questions are come and how to answer them. But overall nice.

  • Kenya

    November 03, 2023

    Cognitive ability

    I liked the test as it measures the generally cognitive, verbal reasoning and guidelines for a professional in a work environment.

  • Kenya

    November 03, 2023

    Be timely and keen

    Time and keenness are of the essence to the test. You need to be keen to read and understand the question so that you can give the correct answer and time yourself to avoid delays.

  • United Kingdom

    November 03, 2023

    Pretty Good

    The practice test gave me an opportunity to reflect on the corrections and errors I made and hopefully I have rectified them in the timed version

  • Botswana

    April 01, 2024


    The test was impressive and quite challenging, i enjoyed the questions as they were testing my cognitive skills.