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What is a Revelian Assessment?

Founded in 1999, Revelian (formally Onetest) is an Australian company that publishes psychometric tests that are used in the recruitment process to provide insight into a candidate's abilities, behaviour at work, and personality. Revelian is the most widely-used psychometric test publisher in Australia and administers around 200,000 tests each year globally.

Revelian assessments are often considered one of the more challenging psychometric assessments due to the tight time limit and questions which become progressively harder. However, this is not to say you cannot perform well on the assessment with effective practice and preparation.

Revelian Psychometric Tests

There are 14 different types of Revelian psychometric tests, which each assess a specific skill or trait. As part of the recruitment process, an employer may ask you to complete one or a combination of these tests. These give the hiring manager or recruiter a better idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and if you will be a good fit for the position.

The tests will either assess an aspect of your cognitive ability; which is your ability to solve problems and thinking logically, or your personality; which relates to your competencies, traits, preferences, and behaviours.

Revelian Verbal Reasoning

The Revelian verbal reasoning test assesses your ability to analyse, interpret, and draw conclusions from written information. The questions are typically presented in the form of a passage of text, followed by a set of multiple-choice responses to answer the question.

The test consists of 35 questions which you will have 10 minutes to complete. Most candidates do not answer all questions within the time limit, so you will need to work quickly and accurately if you want to complete the test. You should leave any questions you cannot answer and return to them if you have time at the end.

Revelian Numerical Reasoning

The Revelian numerical reasoning test evaluates a candidate's ability to extract numerical information presented in the form of charts, graphs, and tables, and use basic maths to solve problems.

The numerical reasoning test consists of 25 questions, which you will have 12 minutes to answer, however, the majority of candidates do not complete all these questions within the allotted time.

The test does not require any existing knowledge, so it is not necessarily something you can 'revise' for, however, it is a good idea to brush up on basic mathematical concepts such as percentages, ratios, and fractions. Taking practice tests beforehand is also a good idea, as this will help you become familiar with numerical reasoning questions and improve the pace at which you can answer them.

Revelian Abstract Reasoning

The Revelian abstract reasoning test measures your ability to use limited and abstract information to solve problems. You will need to identify relationships and patterns between a series of shapes or diagrams and use this information to identify which item does not belong in the sequence.

The test comprises 32 questions in a 10-minute time frame. Again, most people do not complete all the questions within this time, so to complete the test you will need to work quickly.

The best way to prepare for abstract reasoning tests is to practice sample questions. This will help familiarise yourself with the style of questions and will sharpen your ability to recognise relationships and patterns.

Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) uses a combination of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning questions to assess overall cognitive ability. Due to the test covering several areas at once, it is very popular among employers.

You will have 20 minutes to complete as many of the 51 questions as you can. Most candidates do not answer all the questions within the time limit, so you will need to work quickly, and are recommended to leave any questions you find difficult until the end.

Revelian 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire

Revelian's 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire asks you a series of questions to determine what kind of person you are. The questionnaire will ask you a series of statements about various subjects, such as your attitudes towards other people, what you like doing, and how you would behave in certain situations.

The questionnaire is not timed and usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers, and you are advised to answer with your initial reaction.

Employes can use the data from the questionnaire to predict how you will likely behave in certain situations, and if your personality type would be a good fit for the position.

Other Revelian Tests

  • Cognify: 30 minutes to complete five or six individual mini-games to assess several cognitive skills and abilities, such as problem-solving, numerical reasoning, and verbal knowledge.

  • Emotify: Emotional intelligence test consisting of two individual ability-based mini-assessments in 20 minutes to assess your ability to identify and understand emotions.

  • Behavioural Profile: Consisting of 24 questions, this untimed assessment evaluates your preferences in the workplace by asking you to rate which of four behavioural descriptors is most and least like you.

  • Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT): This assessment consists of 141 questions that typically takes 40 minutes to complete. It is designed to measure your ability to recognise and understand emotions.

  • Skills Test: The skills test assesses key skills or knowledge that is required for the position you are applying to. Some skills tests are timed, but most are not, and will usually take 20-30 minutes to complete.

  • Values Inventory: This test requires you to rank 20 key work-related values by their level of importance to you. This reveals whether your values align with the organisation's values.

  • Work Preferences Profile: Taking approximately 10 minutes to complete, this assessment involves 84 questions that ask you to select which of two suggested tasks you would prefer to complete. This reveals which type of tasks you will find the most satisfying and if you will enjoy the tasks involved with the role.

  • Work Reliability Scale: You will be asked the extent to which you agree or disagree with a series of 54 different statements. This highlights your beliefs and attitudes towards work-related issues.

  • Work Safety Assessment: Depending on whether you have been asked to complete the short or long version of the test, you will be asked either 49 or 77 questions to reveal your attitudes and beliefs towards workplace safety.

Tips To Pass Revelian Tests

Familiarise Yourself With The Assessment

Find out which Revelian assessments you will be taking, and familiarise yourself with the test. This means learning what the question style is, how many questions there are on the test, the time limit etc. This will help you know what you need to do in preparation for the assessment, and means you know what to expect on the day.

Practice Tests

Of course, once you know what test you will be taking the most important tip to pass your Revelian assessment is to practice sample tests. Try to simulate the real assessment by practicing in a quiet area with no distractions, as this will help you maintain your focus and attention on the test.

Identify Areas Of Weakness [And Practice]

After taking practice tests make sure to review your answers with the solutions to identify your areas of weakness. Then prioritise these areas in your preparation to ensure you are strong across the board when it comes to the real assessment.

Time Yourself

Revelian assessments have a very tight time limit, so to answer as many questions as you can, you should take your practice tests under timed conditions so you become accustomed to the pace you will need to work at.

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Revelian Tests FAQs

What Is A Good Revelian Score?

Your results from the assessments are combined to make an overall score. There is no specific score to pass Revelian tests, however, your score is compared against a group, which is called the comparison score. The comparison score ranges from 'Far Below Average' to 'Far Above Average'.

Are Revelian Tests Timed?

Revelian has a mixture of timed and untimed assessments. The assessments which are timed are: Emotify, Abstract Reasoning Test, Skills Tests, Cognitive Ability Assessment, Cognify, Numerical Reasoning Test, and Verbal Reasoning Test.

The untimed assessments are: Emotional Intelligence, Work Reliability Scale, Values Inventory, Behavioural Profile, Work Preferences Profile, Work Safety Assessment, and 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire

What Companies Use Revelian?

Revelian tests are very popular among Australian companies and organisations but are also used around the world. The companies and organisations which are known to have used Revelian tests are:




Virgin Australia,

Energy Australia


Westpac Group

The Bond University

The Australian Government

How Long Will My Assessment Take?

The length of your assessment will depend on what tests your employer has selected and how many tests they have selected.