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Why is preparing for a verbal reasoning test so important?

Guy Thornton
Guy Thornton September 07, 2020
Why is preparing for a verbal reasoning test so important?

The verbal reasoning test is challenging, and practising will give you confidence

All aptitude tests are designed to be challenging, and the verbal reasoning test is no different. Requiring you to digest often quite complex passages of text in order to extract important information, the test is designed to assess your communication skills, your ability to differentiate between truth and inference, and whether you can keep a cool head under pressure. In an era characterised by information overload, these skills are crucial - and employers across a diverse and varied range of industries are keen to seek them out in future employees.

The format of the test takes a little getting used to

Most aptitude tests require you to answer each question on the test in around a minute, and that includes the verbal reasoning test. You'll have to read through a passage of text and select the correct multiple choice answer; either 'true', 'false' or 'cannot say'. At the end of the test, your score will be compared with the scores of everyone else that took the test, in order to give an employer a more in-depth understanding of every individual's strengths and weaknesses.

You're being examined on your ability to quickly and accurately extract important information, and your ability to look at the information presented to you, and not rely on assumed knowledge or inferred ideas. The simple way to get better is to practice verbal reasoning tests, to get used to the format and to learn what to expect in terms of the question format and style.

Taking a verbal reasoning test gives you the chance to show off your strengths

Every year, the job market gets more saturated and employers have greater pools of people to choose from, many of whom will have similar levels of experience and expertise to you. That's why it's important to see the test as a positive thing - it allows you an additional opportunity to showcase the strengths and talents you have that might not be so obvious on your CV. And going into the test confident and ready to succeed is a lot easier if you've taken the time to practice aptitude tests beforehand.

Employers are looking for candidates that know their stuff

Often interviews alone aren't enough to determine who an employer should hire - and that's why so many companies now incorporate aptitude tests into the hiring process. In particular, many companies will utilise the verbal reasoning test to find the person or people who show the strongest comprehension, communication, fact-finding and time management skills - these really are things that are so important in so many job roles.

Guy Thornton September 07, 2020

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