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Careers at Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand, known locally as Tatauranga Aotearoa, is a crucial department within the public service sector of New Zealand, responsible for a wide range of statistical work that influences policy and economic planning. As an employer, they value candidates who demonstrate the analytical skills, data integrity, and communication prowess essential in delivering high-quality services and insights to support the country’s growth. Opportunities at Statistics New Zealand range from data collection to analysis, ensuring diverse prospects for aspirants aiming to contribute to meaningful, informed decision-making.

Each year, numerous positions open across various experiences and specializations, catering to a growing need for precise and robust data handling. Joining the team means being part of an environment that nurtures continuous learning and upholds its role in providing dependable statistics to the public.

Statistics New Zealand Application Process

The selection process has 4 major stages:

1. Online Application

2. Online Assessments

3. Interview

4. Assessment Centre

Statistics New Zealand Online Application

Delving into a career at Statistics New Zealand begins with the 'Online Application' step. Prospects are required to fill out detailed forms and submit necessary documents such as CV, cover letters, and any evidence of qualifications. This digital procedure allows the company to understand your experience and assess your initial fit for their open roles.

Candidates should ensure their applications highlight relevant experience and skills while aligning with the core values and competencies emphasized by Statistics New Zealand. This stage is your chance to showcase why your acumen stands out as exceptional in a public data context.

Statistics New Zealand Online Assessments

Following a successful application, you'll be invited to undertake 'Online Assessments'. These tests are specifically designed to evaluate your analytical skills and your aptitude for handling and interpreting data in accordance with the high standards set by Statistics New Zealand.

Candidates should practice beforehand to ensure they are comfortable with various types of questions, from logical reasoning to statistical analysis. These assessments serve as a key indicator of your ability to contribute effectively in a professional setting dedicated to data accuracy and integrity.

Statistics New Zealand Interview

Should you advance past the assessments, the 'Interview' offers a more personalized approach to determine your fit within the organization. You'll interact with team leaders or hiring managers, discussing your experience and expectations.

Prepare to articulate how your skills align with the essential tasks at Statistics New Zealand. Demonstrating an ability to communicate insights and a genuine interest in contributing to the nation's statistical repository is paramount in this critical step.

Statistics New Zealand Assessment Centre

The 'Assessment Centre' stage may involve a day of in-person evaluations with practical tasks or group exercises. This step is designed to assess your collaborative and problem-solving skills in scenarios that mirror real-world challenges faced by the Statistics New Zealand team.

Engage with these exercises earnestly as they reflect your potential to handle the dynamic and demanding environment that comes with the role, focusing on your ability to integrate into the existing workflow and contribute effectively to the organization's mission.

Sample Statistics New Zealand Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /6

Assuming half of the coal mined from both mines in March was sold in April and one quarter was sold in each of May and June what was the income generated from the sales?

Price per tonne$78$82$76$89$77
  • $8,163,750
  • $8,216,250
  • $8,347,500
  • $8,478,750

If a new drink, Banana Milk, was introduced at the Primary School and half of the pupils that chose Chocolate Milk and a third of the pupils that chose Coca-Cola before would now choose Banana Milk, how many pupils would choose Banana Milk?

DrinkPricePrimary SchoolSecondary School
Chocolate Milk£1.903032
  • 14
  • 15
  • 26
  • 21

What is the percentage decrease in turnover per day in the Primary school if every pupil that chose Sprite before are now choosing Water instead?

DrinkPricePrimary SchoolSecondary School
Chocolate Milk£1.903032
  • 8.81%
  • 8.69%
  • 8.57%
  • 8.51%

What's the difference in the number of pupils that chose water between the schools?

DrinkPricePrimary SchoolSecondary School
Chocolate Milk£1.903032
  • 98
  • 102
  • 103
  • 113

What was the daily turnover for the drink vender in the Secondary School?

DrinkPricePrimary SchoolSecondary School
Chocolate Milk£1.903032
  • £352.30
  • £452.90
  • £247.05
  • £345.40

What was the difference in value of the coal mined at mine A and mine B in April?

Price per tonne$78$82$76$89$77
  • $380,000
  • $494,000
  • $874,000
  • $1,140,000

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Statistics New Zealand Assessments Tips

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Statistics New Zealand Assessments FAQs

What are the Statistics New Zealand tests?

The Statistics New Zealand tests assess candidates' capability to process and analyze information, their proficiency with data, and their communication skills necessary to articulate statistical insights.

Are the Statistics New Zealand tests hard?

The level of difficulty of Statistics New Zealand tests varies by role but generally requires solid analytical and problem-solving skills. Thorough preparation is crucial.

How do I prepare for Statistics New Zealand tests?

Preparing for Statistics New Zealand tests is best accomplished by practicing and taking practice tests, many of which are available on Psychometric Tests.

How long does the recruitment process take at Statistics New Zealand?

The length of the recruitment process at Statistics New Zealand varies based on the role and applicant volume but generally includes several stages over a few weeks to months.

What are Statistics New Zealand's core values?

Statistics New Zealand's core values include integrity, serving the public through quality data, and fostering an environment of innovation and inclusivity.